Three Sisters: a tale of dreams and woe (2011)

  • Miriam BC Tobin: Writer, Director, Producer
  • Category: MBCT; Modern But Classical Theatre

Three Sisters: a tale of dreams and woe explores the longing, despair, and fantasy in Chekhov’s famous drama. Scaled down to five characters, this highly physical adaptation humorous adaptation transforms Chekhov’s Three Sisters into a dark, absurdist fairytale. Trapped in their memories, fantasies, and fears, the three sisters yearn to escape to Moscow while their brother Andrei is slowly usurped by Natasha, his opportunistic wife.

  • Three Sisters: Olga reads
  • Olga
  • Andrei, Irian
  • Natasha and Andrei
  • Masha
  • Three Sisters: Andrei reads
  • Masha, Natasha
  • Three Sisters: Natasha, Irina
  • Three Sisters: Masha, Andrei
  • Three Sisters: Olga, Masha, Irina
  • Three Sisters: Photo Shoot in Central Park