Medea: a Tragedy of Revenge (2009)

  • Miriam BC Tobin: Writer, Director, Producer
  • Category: MBCT; Modern But Classical Theatre

This adaptation of Medea combines the plot structure and theme from Seneca (Roman), the Chorus from Euripides (Greek), and stylistic influences from German Expressionism and Film Noir. A play with music, Medea: a Tragedy of Revenge tells the terrifying tale of a powerful sorceress wronged by her husband, ravaged by domesticity, and driven by revenge.

  • MEDEA: The Princess spies a Monster -- is it Medea?
  • MEDEA: The Corinthian watch Medea
  • MEDEA: Jason prays to the gods
  • MEDEA: Medea and Jason struggle for power
  • MEDEA: The Nurse is forced to dress the Princess
  • MEDEA: Creusa burns alive after accepting Medea's poisoned gift
  • MEDEA: Glauce witnesses Medea setting the city on fire
  • MEDEA: Medea uses her supernatural powers to control Jason so that he is forced to not only kill her, but their unborn sons
  • MEDEA: Jason with Princess Creusa and his wife Medea
  • MEDEA: Medea controls her Nurse
  • MEDEA: the chorus